Hydronic Balancing Simplified

The Wireless Hydronic Balancing Kit, Series 490W, was designed by your HVAC leader to be the most accurate and easiest to operate manometer on the market.

The Wireless Hydronic Balancing Kit measures the pressure drop across HVAC balancing valves by using wireless sensors and a versatile handheld. These sensors communicate via Bluetooth® wireless technology to an Android™ based handheld device to display pressure measurements. Users can select valves being measured from a pre-determined list, or manually enter a CV value. The handheld monitors the flow of up to three valves at one time, allowing a single operator to monitor and balance a hydronic system in less time than traditional methods.

Features Designed with a Technician in Mind:

  • Reading the flow directly in the app. Flow no longer needs to be calculated manually using flow charts or by plugging into a third party software, increasing efficiency.

  • Displaying multiple valves at once. Technicians do not need to switch their manometer to different valves after each adjustment, saving both time and effort.

  • Eliminating cumbersome and unruly hoses. Wireless transducers eliminate the potential safety hazards of hoses catching on nearby equipment and balancing tools. Air does not need to be bled out before starting this process, and there is no concern of leaks due to wear or cracks in the hose over time.

HVAC balancing valves control the amount of water flowing into each branch of a hydronic system. The amount of water flowing through the valves is dependent on pressure. This correlates the pressure drop across the valve to the flow. To start the balancing process, all of the valves in the system are set to be completely open. The technician then measures the flow through each of the valves to determine the adjustments needed to get the system within the design specification. Changes to one valve have an effect on the flow through other valves in the system. This means that after adjusting a valve, the balancing technician has to check all other valves to ensure that the change had the desired effect. After all valves have been adjusted, the balancing technician conducts a complete sweep of the system to verify that it is within design tolerance.

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